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An engaging and informative sustainability and ESG keynote speaker, moderator and panelist, Chrissa Pagitsas draws on her frontline experience driving transformative business strategies as an executive and a strategic advisor to Fortune 500 companies, philanthropies, and non-profits.

Chrissa shares candid real-life experiences of blazing a trail with no roadmap, creating innovative new products, and changing culture at large-scale companies.

Speaking topics include: 


Some of the organizations to which Chrissa has spoken:



Leading Through a Sustainability Lens

How does a Fortune 500 company with billions in revenue maximize the benefits of an ESG strategy? Chrissa Pagitsas pulls back the curtain on how to use the power of sustainability to lead and grow as a business, and deliver innovative solutions through ESG.


Her audience walks in her shoes to build a $50 billion green bond business and the shoes of the Chief Sustainability Officers and Heads of ESG at global companies like Amazon, BlackRock, Procter & Gamble, and Owens Corning.

Creating a “Surround Sound” for Change: How to navigate change strategies with employees, customers, and investors

Launching a new initiative? Exciting a new customer base? Whether new to their seat or highly experienced, every leader will launch a new initiative that meets resistance. Using real and tangible examples from companies such as Fannie Mae, Procter & Gamble, and Trane, Chrissa Pagitsas shows how the real magic for changes comes from creating a “surround sound” of key stakeholders to bring about the change. From employees to investors and even critical external partners and customers, she will inspire the audience to surround these stakeholders and achieve the targeted change.

Sustainability and Innovation as a Intrapreneur

What does it take to develop a new product line within an established company? How do we integrate sustainability throughout our business products? It’s not the technology. It’s the mindset. Learn from the successful product launches of Procter & Gamble, Owens Corning, Amazon, and other leading companies who took leaps of faith grounded in business realities to capture new markets.

Female Leadership and Diversity

To succeed today, businesses must call upon the diverse talents of their employees and into their extensive networks. Drawing on her own leadership experiences and those of senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, Chrissa Pagitsas guides the audience through a realization of the power of leaders to concrete steps to include diverse perspectives into business strategy and decision-making.

Chrissa has made a very important contribution to the growing field of sustainability and ESG.  Business leaders and investors would all benefit from reading Chief Sustainability Officers At Work and engaging with Chrissa on the important topics presented in her work.

Aniket Shah, Global Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Finance Strategy,  Jefferies

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